1890’s Magic Lantern Slide Showing, The Galleries of Axenstrasse, or as known today, The Old Axenstrasse, Looking Towards Lucerne

1890’s Magic Lantern Slide Showing, The Galleries of  Axenstrasse, or as known today, The Old  Axenstrasse, Looking Towards Lake Lucerne.

It was named the Axenstrasse because the road is located along the Axen Mountain.  Today the Galleries of Axenstrasse is simply called the Old Axenstrasse a road that ascend for a 3.4 km along a discernibly narrow and harrowing road as it snakes its way above the City of Lucerne.  This world famous attraction draws thousand of thrill seeking tourist to its precipitous drops separated by in some instances by thin railing and its breath taking vistas . The road is only open to pedestrian and bicyclist  and the condition leaves a lot to be desired and definitely not for the faint of heart.

This exquisite glass magic lantern slide was taken c.1890.  It was taken by someone with who command of light and shadow is evident by the sheer beauty he has captured of natural light with noting more than a box and a lens.

The quality of the slide attest to the sharpness that even when cropped is achieved. Unfortunately his name has been lost in time, but his essence lives on in a moment captured at the galleries of Axenstrasse.

Here below we find the whole composition that was captured, wanting to get a closer view of the girl, her companions and the driver as he sits upon the horse and buggy.

Magic Latern, Swisserland 104 (2)

Perspective of girl at the large window gallery

Magic Latern, Swisserland 104 (3)

As we zoom in closer we see she is with two friends and the horse and carriage that brought them there

Magic Latern, Swisserland 104 (4)

Here we see a close-up of the girl reading a pamphlet to make her aware of landmarks visible on Lake Lucerne

Magic Latern, Swisserland 104 (5)

In this view we see her companions and the driver of their horse and buggy patiently waiting for them

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