Chang and Eng Bunker Obitury That Find a Grave Will Not Allow; August 22, 1874 Newspaper Article


Here is an obituary that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquire on Thursday August 22, 1874. I tried to post it on Find a Grave (FaG) but I guess it had to much truth in the article and they always have a tendency to shield snowflakes of the truth.

They have control of all famous people obituary and if something that is clearly the truth they control if it can be published as long as it is in their agenda with disregard for freedom of speech.


FAG, Chang Eng Bunker, 1874 001

The City of Philadelphia , Jefferson Medical Collage (defunct) wanted to send a medical professor to be present at the autopsy to learn more about the condition for the sake of science. I don’t know if they were invited to be present when it was performed.

FAG, Chang Eng Bunker, 1874, Philly 001



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