Takehisa Yumeji, Sheet Music By Japanese Color and Offset Lithograph Publisher Kojiro Senow

Takehisa Yumeji (1884-1934) from the wik  I learned that he was a poet and knowing he could not make a living as one began drawing and painting. He never studied painting and ruffled the feathers of the elite artist circle by expressing his concept of those artist as being pretentious.

Yuymeji style attracted  the admiration of the ordinary people and is revered in Japan to the point his childhood home has been preserved.  Yumeji for approximately 10 years was cover artist for Kojiro Senow.

Senow along with being the publisher of musical scores was president of Yogaku Kensei Sha (Association for the Study of Occidental Music).  This association main purpose of the introduction. Bishop.  It is a heavier weight paper, not flimsy like most sheet music.  The color is much more robust when seen in hand.  It is a four page sheet, including the back.


A closer view of Home Sweet Home.


Below is cover Senow No. 53 for music composed by G. Verdi. It is eight pages including front and back.




Below is Senow No. 270 sheet music for Sakura Sakura Japanese Koto-Melody Transcribed and Mordernised [SIC] by Koscak Yamada.  It has printed on page three Composed Tokyo July 21st. 1922.


Here is a close-up of Senow company logo with the interesting rabbit, kinda looks like the peace sign. I found amusing the bad spacing in N o  and the numbers 270 with the  0 not lined up.  Japanese are so precise, guess the lithographer had hit the sake.


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