1894 John F. Hurley, President Salem Water Board, Inspection Longham Meadow, Longham Basin, Longham Water First Let Into Wenham Lake Jan 1895,

John Hurley was a member of the New England Water Works Association
Water Board,  Salem Division.   I have no idea when he was elected to
the board, but he is in all the group photos and is listed on one invitation as president of the Salem Water Board.

They ran large pipes  from Lake Wenham to Salem by way of Longham Basin to bring water to the growing city.  I think from him being on this board motivated him
to seek higher office.  Six year later at the turn of the century he  was elected as mayor of Salem. This is the beginning of John Hurley’s political life and that is why I am listing it.

These are very large cabinet cards photographs that shows different phases of the construction of the Water Works.  There are a series of eight  9.5″ x 7″  photos on 10.25″  x 9″ cabinet cards. All the photographs were taken by B. H. Conant of Wenham, Mass. with the exception of the New England Water Works Association, Salem Board photograph which was taken by O. W. Leighton, Salem, Mass.

I have cropped all the photographs because where the caption is printed has  become terribly foxed and distract from the image.

Below is Leighton’s photograph and I have transcribe what is let of the caption.  There are nine photos pertaining to the construction and completion of the Salem Water
Work project and captioned between 1894 and 1895.

The photograph below is captioned as follows:  NEW ENGLAND WATER WORKS, SALEM WATER BOARD.  Photographed by O. W. Leighton, Salem Mass.

This photograph has great contrast and detail.

Below is the invitation that was sent to the group gathered for historical photographic  documentation for gathering above.

Photo below is captioned:  “Cut on Pipe line, 23 feet, Dec. 1894”  It shows where they had to cut through a hill so that the nature gravitational flow of the land could be achieved.

Photo below is captioned:  “Longham Basin, Dec. 22, 1894”  You will notice on right side of photograph they are constructing a small building.  I wish I knew if the building still exist and if someone would let me know.

In the photo you can see a man on  a scaffold and two men either going to join him or just watching him work.  In the far distance there seems to be two men headed in that direction  and it looks like they are carrying some supplies or tools.

The photo below is captioned:  “Longham pipe line, Dec. 22, 1894.”  This one shows a number activity going on.  Men are digging ditch,  using a triangular wood hoist to lay down the pipes in the ditches, lining the edge of the lake with rocks to keep water from the project and a long of pipe end to end far off in the distance.

The photo needs very special care to preserve it, evident by the white spot in the middle of photograph where the  emulsion has peeled.

Photograph below is captioned:  “Longham Water let into Wenham Lake, Jan. 24, 1895.”  In this image you can see the rush of the water from the open pipe that is reinforced by a collar of large stones.

The photo below is captioned:  “Wenham Lake, May 20, 1895.”   It shows the lake brimming to the edge with a man hole cover visible on the square platform on the edge of road.

The image below is captioned:  “Outlet from Wenham Lake, May 20, 1895.”   Shows  what probably the Salem Water Board inspecting the outlet that cover with boards and an American flag with outspread wing eagle topping old glory as it marks the spot.

On the left edge of photo is a cover wagon and an individual handing out what seems to be refreshments.  You can actually see the six individual from left edge with a glass in his hand. As you continue from left edge there is a telegraph pole and if you count five from the left of it there is John F. Hurley, President of Salem Water Board with his trademark mutton chops and top hat. I am sure the lady sitting in front of him is his wife, she seemed to go to all his public engagements.

This is one of the best contrasted and sharp image of all these historical photographs.

The image below is captioned:  “Visit to Wenham Lake when full.  May 20, 1895.”  This is wonderful image  showing again members of the Salem Water Board some in their horse and buggy with great contrast and sharp detail.  John F. Hurley is sitting with a companion in the first buggy from your right edge.  There is one older citizen that also wears a top hat in these photograph.  I wish they had listed  some of the names of these distinguished citizens.

Below is the last of the nine photographs.  It is captioned “Wenham Lake at Outlet, May 27, 1895.” It is taken from a different angle a week later from their visit on May 20th.  In this image you can see a building with a cupola  on top of it.  If this building still exist I would love to see a photo of it today



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