Fourragere 2nd Infantry Division Indianhead, 17th Field Artillery Division WW1 Fourragère

I have seen where people ask what a real ww1 fourragere looks like so I decided to post one with photo. My only regret is that I sold it years ago, but I did keep detailed photos of it. You can click on the photo to enlarge and get close detail.

This first photo shows how many strands and the tightness of the weave. This was before everything became  junk construction for the average person. There were two miniature insignia, one for the 2nd Infantry Division, and 17th Field Artillery which was part of that division.

SI Exif

2nd Indianhead Insignia

Below is a close-up of these accruements and the tight weave

SI Exif

Below you see the detail of the French Croix de guerre on the brass end.

SI Exif

The brass end below when you lift the cap reveals how the cord is crimp to the solid brqss end.



SI Exif

More detail to look at below.

SI Exif

Here is how the complete Fourragere looks

SI Exif

Click on the photo to see more detail

SI Exif

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