Antique Chinese Fan Preserved and Mounted On Silk Brocade and Paper Scroll. Beautiful Maiden on Balcony Surrounded by Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree Representation of Feminine Beauty and Power


 Antique Chinese Fan Preserved and Mounted On Silk Brocade and Paper Scroll.  Beautiful Maiden on Balcony Surrounded by Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree Representation of Feminine Beauty and Power 

Below is a panel from an antique fan that had been intricately painted depicting a palace  balcony scene with a flowering cherry tree.  China considers the cherry blossom to be a representation of feminine beauty and power. Understandably the owner saw fit to have the fan mounted on this silk brocade and paper scroll so as to preserve this beautiful art for generation.

The beautiful maiden is surrounded on her balcony by countless blooms from the flowering cherry tree.  She is exquisitely dressed beginning with her carefully conifer hair and the brightly painted red comb or ornament that adorns it.   I have found no one to translate the calligraphy itself a work of art. I do know that his signature is followed by the two red seal’s visible at the end of the script.

I will hopefully add more information and update photo of red lacquer scroll handle and script written on outside, back of scroll as time permits.

SI Exif

Silk Fan Leaf Painting

SI Exif

Chinese script and seal

SI Exif

Maiden On Balcony

SI Exif

Detail of bloom on Tree

SI Exif

Close-up of silk brocade

SI Exif

Close-up of Maiden Hairstyle

SI Exif

Many of Design Detail of Wood Balcony

SI Exif

Branch of Heavenly Blooming Peach Tree

SI Exif

Complete Image of Fan Leaf

SI Exif

Close-up of Chinese  Script

SI Exif

Darken Image to Bring Out the Detail

SI Exif

How Fan Leaf Normally Looks

SI Exif

Angle Shot of Fan Leaf


Script written on outside of scroll


Red lacquer scroll handles with paper lable

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