1807 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ship named Lord Sheffield, James H. Tidmarsh, Master with Embossed Seals for Port of Halifax, John Slayter Comptroller, Thomas N. Jeffery Collector

This is the first page of the ship, Lord Sheffield manifest that has attached and embossed the two seals need before a ship could embark on treacherous journeys. The paper it is written on has an interesting watermark along with the laid paper by the name of “J WHATMAN 1803.”

This top triangular embossed stand alone seal belonged to the Collector of Custom, Thomas N. Jeffrey. His seal along with a thin silk ribbon was woven onto the second page manifest of items being shipped.

The bottom seal that is embossed into the sheet belonged to John Slayter, the Comptroller of His Majesty Custom Port Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he had been employed for fifty years. He is buried in St Paul’s old graveyard, opposite Government House

Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia

The following images are closeup view of the custom and comptroller seals. If you click on it you can get a larger image

Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia,  2 Seal 3

Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Seal 2

Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Seal

This second page consist of the ships manifest of items being shipped. It reveals that it was a ship of 165 Tons with a crew of nine men besides the master (captain.) It stated that it would be sailing to the British West Indies, Jamaica.

Manifest Page Two, E, TOP

The watermark for this second page consist of lines for the laid paper and Britannia within a ribbon with a crown above. They swear by GOD that they will not take on anymore than what is listed, but if they do they will add it to this manifest. It is signed by the captain of the ship James H. Tidmarsh and sworn before Jeffery and Staytor. What I find so intriguing of this 200 year old document is how many hands have held them from Nova Scotia until it reached my hand. It never ceases to amaze me the journey’s these old document travel.

Manifest Page Two, D Typed

Manifest Page Two, D Top, A

Manifest Page Two, D Top

Manifest Page Two, A

Manifest Page Two

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