Buddah Bronze Gilt Lacquer 18th Century Rare Wearing Embrodiery Shoes in Fearlessness (Abhāya mudrā) th:ปางประทานอภัย pang bprà-taan à-pai Also other Oriental, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan Bronze Sculpture, Silver Teapots or Metals Items Including Buddha Bronze Gilt and Lacquer, Teapots, Censors, Sculptures and Other Items Made of Bronze, Copper


The above 18th c. Gilt Bronze and Lacquer Thailand Buddha is an unusual and uncommon in that it is wearing embroidered shoes. I acquired this finely rendered sculpture of Buddha in the  Abhāya mudrā  th:ปางประทานอภัย pang bprà-taan à-pai gesture of Fearlessness in 1996 at an antique shop in a place called Midway that is between Tallahassee and Quincy, Florida.

I found out that the antiques in the shop were the remains of an older antique shop that once was in the town of Quincy, Florida called Wilson’s. When the father died,  the son closed up Wilson’s and sold the remaining stock out of a guest house that was on son’s property.

Here is the statistic for this wonderful Buddha:

Weight with the pedestal 61 Pounds or 27.6691 Kg.

Height with out pedestal 40 inches or 101.6 cm

Height with pedestal 46 inches or 116.84 cm

Widest width at bottom of robe 12 ¼ inches or 31.115 cm

Width at shoulder 9 inches or 22.86 cm

Size of hand, height & width 4 ¼” (11.43cm) h. x 1 ½” (3.81cm)

The ones below you can calculate the cm:

Size of ears, height & width 3 ½” h. x ¾” w.

Head, including neck 8 ¾” h. x 5” w. x 4 ¾” d.

Head without neck 7 ¼” h. x 5” w. x 4 ¾” d.

Flame on top of head 4 ¼” h. x 1 ½” w.

Shoes 4 ¾” d. x 2” w.


The photo below is the back of the sculpture showing the thick lacquer that has cracked and been repaired. There are many worn areas especially on the shoulder and right arm.


Below is an image looking straight down. The flame has much wear for all handling it gets.


Below is the fingers showing the bronze through the chips in the lacquer, notice the wing on the bottom of the arm.


Below you can see traces of what looks like red pigment on the lips


In the photo below Buddha shoes are shown embroidered with jewels along the edge of the sole. I have seen paintings of the royal court with these same type shoes.


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