SHAEF Release No. 1453, WW2 Censor Teletyes For 8 May 1945 Announce German Surrender

This SHAEF Release No. 1453 from Dwight D. Eisenhower telling the men the war in Europe was over, that the Germans had surrender. He is thanking them for their Honor and dedication to bring the war to an end. A lot of things where going on on May 8, 1945 and I am so glad Col. Nelson saved this. I hope to donate them to the WW2 museum with all the document Col. Nelson kept.

When I have time I will expand the information of where these came from

Documents Ike

This is an actual teletype from 8 May 1945 announce to the Press Censors that all German land, sea and air forces in Europe were unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Expeditionary Force and, simulatenously to the Soviet High Command at 0141 hours (1:41 am), Central European time, on 7 May 1945.  It belong to Colonel Nelson that was held a high postion in the 12th Army Group.

Documents Ike2

Same as above but expanded to show  numbers at top of teletype

Documents Ike2a

This one is information of the Third Army postion on 2 May 1945

Documents Ike3

Same as above

Documents Ike3a

Documents Ike3a

Documents Ike3a0001

Documents Ike3a0002

Documents Ike4

Documents Ike4a

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