Major General Clement A. Trott, Commanding General, Fifth Corps Area, Columbus, Ohio, Chain of Command, Lt. Col. John M. Eager His Chief of Staff Later To Become Brigadier General of 1944 Ft. Wadsworth POW Italian Service Units

I found this chart among the papers of Lt. Colonel Elbert Leroy Nelson. The Chief of Staff Lt. Col. John M. Eager went on to become a Brigadier General.  The chart dates to 1941 and shows that Lt. Col Nelson was in G2 Intelligence


Below is a photo from Brigadier General J M Eagar with a dedication to Lt. Col. Elbert Leroy Nelson who had worked with him at the Fifth Corps Area.

The government designated Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, New York, as headquarters for the Italian Service Units and named Brigadier General John M. Eager in 1944 as chief administrator.  General Eager had served as military attaché at the American embassy in Rome, was fluent in Italian, and sensitive to discrimination visited upon the POWs from time to time.  His office coordinated food, clothing, and housing for the two hundred ISUs.  One of his least desirable jobs was to answer complaints by citizens who believed the prisoners received preferential treatment while American boy fought overseas.


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