1904 St. Louis Fair, Unpublish Negatives Constantinople Turkish Attraction On Pike With Dancing Girls In Native Costumes; Two Men Wearing Fez Hats with One Druming Other Playing Flute To Attract Attention To Exhibit

1904 St. Louis Fair, Constantinople Turkish Attraction On Pike, Sign In Doorway Reads; Real Dancing Girls, Man With Large Drum Druming Up Attention1904 St. Louis Fair, Turkish Constantinople attraction on Pike, partial sign in doorway reads: ……….Real Dancing Girls. There are two men hawking the crowd, both wearing native costumes and fez hats. One man is banging a large drum and other playing a flute. This attraction was next to the Alaska exhibit.

The girls are standing on the ledge that is used as a arm rest that sits in front of the ticket window. They are dressed in what looks like turkish native costumes. Large woman at end of ledge is standing under sign that starts with an A, possibly the Alaska attraction.

I acquired this with a number of celluloid negatives in 2003. There were glass negatives and many celluloid negatives. Before I knew what the photos were about I had sold a number of them which included photos of the first Ferris Wheel.  I copied all the images with hope of sending them to someone to process. As they would have cost a fortune to develop they sat until about a year ago, when someone taught me how to manipulate Paintbrush to invert the colors.



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