Last of 135 Huge Glass Lined Tank Is Slipped Into Place At The Schaefer Brewery Plant On Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City


DSCN2739 DSCN2743 DSCN2745

In Brooklyn, the walls of this new brewery storage plant were left off until the last of 135 huge glass-lined tanks had been slipped into place on March 1947.  Each tank, 14 feet long, will hold 1,000 barrels of beer.  All were built-in Milwaukee for Schaefer Brewing Co., which meanwhile had erected the 7-story building.  As soon as the tanks were in place, workmen began bricking in the walls,  Shipment and installation were a first-class engineering problem.  Each tank required a railway car.  Between Milwaukee and New York bridges were so low that cars had to be specially routed.  Finally, a crane hoisted the last of the 14 ton monsters into place, with only four inches clearance.  Engineers breathed easier; a bump during transport would have broken glass lining.

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