Charles E. Falk , Three Masted Schooner 298 Tons, Wrecked 12 Miles off Gray Harbor on Copalis Rocks, Boys from Hoquiam playing on her Washington


Charles E. Falk, a three-masted schooner of 298 tons, was built at Fairhaven, Calif., in all probability by Bendixsen in 1889 for N. H. Falk, Eureka.  She was wrecked on Copalis Rocks, some 12 miles north of Grays Harbor, on March 32, 1909.

The crew of eight were able to reach shore safely fortunately.

This first photo shows a couple of boys of the town of Hoquiam from 22 miles away. In the photo album from 1903-1915 the area was captioned Sunset Beach where Copalis Rocks were, now it is now called Pacific Beach State Park. The caption on this photo said, “On the rigging of the Charles E. Faulk.” [SIC]


Below is a couple of views of the deck. I listed this because when I did a search there were no photos of its existence. I was lucky to have found this in the photo album



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