Ancient India Bronze, Dancing Girl with Tattoo of Cobra and Triangle Female Power Yoni

Cobra girl and her tattoo’s 7th Century to 11th Century Copper or Bronze Statue Depicting a Semi Nude Woman Dancer Similar to Indus Valley Mohenjo-Daro Dancing Girl; I Called Her Cobra Girl, For She Has What Appears to Be Snakes Depicted Down Front Legs and Hair Braided In Shape of A Snake In Back Of Her Head; She Has Triangle Tattoo On Back indicative of the Female Power Yoni.


Below is a full view image of the statue, “Cobra Girl.” To see a larger image just click on it.  I found this beauty twenty years ago at a local thrift store that would set up tables in front of their establishment and sell whatever came in that day.


Here is a full size image of my Cobra Girl. If you click on the image you can get a larger view. Notice the snake design on both of her calves.

I always stopped to buy all kinds of miscellaneous items like post it notes and small tools and brushes, light bulbs or tape. The table prices were always great, never more than a quarter, fifty cents or one or two dollars.  Most of the time it was same old pots and pans and miscellaneous items that you would see month after month.

But this was my lucky day, for sitting at one end of a long table was this exquisite statue alongside some chinese export armorial plates. I ask the girl how long they had been out on the table and she said she had put them out that morning.  I asked her how much and she said for the ugly statue two dollars and the four plates one dollar each.  I happily paid for my purchase, put them in the car and then went back to browse the store.

I have never been able to identify her origin or any image similar to her but the Mohenjo Daro Indus Valley bronze called “Dancing Girl.” 

Those were the delicious days before the internet and Antique Road Show, ruined it for  collectors on a small budget. Treasures like these could be found at garage sales, thrift stores, Salvation Army stores or in the trash by the road (smile.) Oh how I long for those merveilleux passé, merveilleux passé.

Below is a side view  of the “Cobra Girl”


Below we see the unusual design on the back of her head that looks like a coiled snake


In this photo below you can see the tattoo in the palm of her hand. The hand is held in the gesture depicting an open lotus bloom.  Also visible are he large drop earring she wears on both ears. There is something curious about her left ear and how it is depicted. It looks like a snake design that runs completely around the ear to under the chin.  Her right ear shows no design, just a normal ear other than the drop earring she wears.


Below is closeup of the thin garment she wears with the cobra design on both calves.  Along the side of her hips is part of a belt she is wearing.


Here we see her feet with a large bangles around her ankle. When looked at closely the bangles has small notch lines entirely around it.


She stands 12″ (30.5 cm) tall and at the widest 3 1/2″ (8.8 cm). She stands in an unusual pose with knee slightly bent and ame feet lifted slightly off the ground. At one time it must have been lacquered all in black.

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