Official Program of the Celebration in Salem, Mass. Old Home Week July 26 – 31 1909; Presided by Mayor John F. (Francis) Hurley (1844 Ireland-1935 Virginia) Presentation of Gifts to USS Salem; Fireworks Illumination of the Shore, Military and Civic Parade, Reception of Officers and Crew, Banquet at the Armory

John F Hurley (1844 Ireland-1935 Virginia)served in the Civil War in the 4th Independent Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery, mustered in as a Private, and mustered out as Quartermaster Sergeant. John Francis Hurley served six terms as Mayor of Salem Ma. He was the 31st serving 1901-1902, 34th serving 1908-1909, and 37th serving 1913-1915. He served his two first terms under Original 1836 charter. His last term he was the first mayor elected under the second city charter adopted November 1912. His parents where Thomas Hurley and Fannie Coffey. His spouses were Katherine Driscoll who he was estranged from and second spouse was Eliza E Davidson. He had a step-daughter named Gertrude L. Hurley, daughter of Eliza E Davidson. Salem paid a final and impressive tribute to one of its most colorful political figures, when a capacity attendance thronged the Immaculate Conception Church were Rev. John E. Sullivan conducted a requiem High Mass for the Honorable John Francis Hurley, five term mayor of Salem. He was escorted to St. Mary Cemetery on Front Street by Legionaries who walked the one and half mile next to his hearse.

At the Peabody Museum in Salem, Massachusetts is the following archive:
Civil War Diaries (1861-1865) reflecting Hurley’s service with 4th Battery Massachusetts Light Artillery during the Civil War; speeches, scrapbooks, and other papers relating to his political career, including information documenting his five terms as mayor (1901-1914) of Salem and his presidency of Salem Water Board; account of a trip to Ireland (1907); correspondence concerning struggles over the distribution of his military pension check, the estrangement with his wife, Katherine (Driscoll) Hurley, and other matters; genealogical materials; newspaper clippings; death notices; poems; press releases; photos; and other papers; and papers of Hurley’s nephew, Thomas S. Hurley, pertaining to his activities as a taxicab driver in Salem
John Francis Hurley Papers by John F Hurley( )
in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Civil War veteran and Salem (Mass.) politician. Contains diary of Civil War activities, speeches and scrapbook of political life, correspondence with family and genealogical notes. Also includes papers of Thomas S. Hurley.

Below is a letter sent to Hurley when he resided at the Veterans Home for civil war soldiers. He was here from 1921 to 1935 where he passed away. The envelope is as colorful as he was as a politician.

Hurley letter

Below is a photo of the mayor at the Mayors desk at the old Alderman room, City Hall, Salem on January 8, 1913.  With a loupe when looked closely the mayor is wearing a GAR lapel pin. He was a dedicated member of GAR post 24 named after General Philip Sheridan. The general was so touched at this jester that he travel to Salem to meet at their headquarters with the comrades.

Hurley Desk

Official Program of the Celebration in Salem, Mass. Old Home Week July 26 – 31 1909; Presided by Mayor John F. Hurley Presentation of Gifts to USS Salem; Fireworks Illumination of the Shore, Military and Civic Parade, Reception of Officers and Crew, Banquet at the Armory

This program measures 6 x 9 inches and consist of eight pages with a decorative cover of embossed and engraved quality printing on textured paper

This is the front cover of the program with an embossed knotted rope around an engraved seal of the City of Salem in gold.
Here you see the closeup of the embossing and engraving of the seal.
Official Programme of the Celebration in Salem, Mass. Old Home Week July 26 – 31 1909; Presentation of Gifts to USS Salem; Firework Illumination of the Shore, Military and Civic Parade, Reception of Officers and Crew, Banquet at the Armory
The U. S,. S. Salem was built by the Fore River Shipbuilding Company, at Quincy, Mass., and was launched July 26th, 1907. She is four hundred and twenty-three feet long, forty-six feet wide, and draws nineteen feet of water.

SATURDAY THE 24th SHIPS ARRIVAL; Anchor off the Willows, Hart’s Battery shoot greeting manned by Cadets, Mayor Hurley does official call on Commander Key, Ship opens to public from 1:30 to 5 during stay, except Tuesday and Friday, Crew on shore leave.
MONDAY THE 26th: Fireworks from float off Willows; Band concerts by Salem Cadet, Juniper and Lynn Cadet at the Willows; Columbus and Harbor View Avenues and Dustin Street closed to vehicles; Illuminated boat parade, Governor Douglass, USS Salem and mammoth search lights, The President yacht, the Sylph from Beverly; Dolphin from Gloucester; Mammoth bonfire;
TUESDAY THE 27th- PRESENTATION: Key entertains Hon. T.G. Pinnock and daughter Miss Lorna ship sponsor, silver service and clock, TALKING MACHINE and records (some valued at $25) given by Columbia Phonograph Company, Seal of City of Salem to be placed on main mast of ship, Parade from Common to Washington Square west, to Essex, Washington Street, by City Hall to Federal, Flint, Chestnut, Summer, Essex, Washington to Engine House, Lafayette to Central and Essex to the Common and ends with Marine Societies give dinner to USS Salem officers at the Salem Club, Now and Then to entertain

WEDNESDAY THE 28th PARADE AND BANQUET: Hurley, as Chief Marshal, Major General William , Chief of Staff head parade followed by Three division: FIRST Grand Army, Salem Cadets, Company H S.H. Wilkins marshal, Dr. J.H. Seale, chief of staff; SECOND Salem Merchants exhibits David G. Whelton, Marshal, R.E. Egan, Chief of Staff; THIRD Fire Department, Veteran Firemen and city departments, Albert Pierce, Marshal, Earl Curtis, Chief of Staff followed by bands and drum corps. Public banquet at Armory with Colonel J. Frank Dalton, Secretary of Navy, George Von L. Meyer, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Congressman Gardner.
THURSDAY THE 29th CREW ENTERTAINMENT: Rowell Field, Salem Neck, music by Salem Cadet band, Sports contest: shoe race; Go-as-you-please, 10 minutes; milk contest; peanut rolling match; backward run; rescue race; boxing; baseball. Collation in the Adamanta Field, Mr. W.H. Harrigan Director, dance party in Franklin Building music by Salem Cadet orchestra managed by Mr. M.J. Reardon, William H. Colbert and Albert Pierce
FRIDAY THE 30 RECEPTION: On ship from 2 to 5 PM music by Salem Cadet Band
SATURDAY THE 31th BASEBALL: Game Highland Athletic Club at Bridge Street Grounds
SILVER SERVICE: Made by Daniel Low and Company, consisting of silver waiter, coffee urn, coffee cups, sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and a large centre piece. The funds were raised from “dime contributed by the people.”
THE CLOCK: Presented by the Salem Marine Society and the East India Marine Society. A standard ships timepiece, striking the regular ships’ bells from one to eight. The clock is of dull bronze on a bronze base
Here is a close-up of the silver service. Daniel Low & Co that made this service set was established in 1867 in Salem. Low’s reputation as a source of unusual gifts and fine gold and silver articles soon earned a reputation for the store and the confidence of his patrons. His company started the Souvenir spoon craze that took the country by storm, mainly by the introduction in 1887 of a Witch spoon as a souvenir of Salem and its association to Witchcraft Trails., His son, Seth F. Low designed the first Witch Spoon. The second Witch spoon was largely responsible for the craze that swept across the country in the collecting of Souvenir spoons.
John F. Hurley, Chairman, Charles H. Danforth, Secretary
CITY GOVERNMENT: Mayor John F. Hurley, ALDERMAN’S: Harry P. Gifford, Rufus D. Adams, M. J. Doyle, S. H. Wilkins, Lyman E. Hurd, John M. Wilson, Thomas H. Tobin, Lewis F. Cass, J. R. Moulton, Thomas L. Mead, S. A. Goodhue, H. F. Dolan
FINANCE: S. Herbert Wilkins, Hon Joseph N. Peterson, Daniel Low, Dan A. Donahue, William B. Mansfield, P. F. Tierney, John R. Moulton, L. E. Pedrick, Josiah H. Gifford, Paul N. Chaput
PROGRAM: Hon. J. D. H. Gauss, H. P. Kelsey, James N. Clark, Captain J. C. Entwisle, S. A. Goodhue, H. F. Dolan, William T. Jeffery, Charles A. Archer, C. R. Washburn, Christian Lantz
ILLUMINATION FIREWORKS: H. R. Rice, M. L. Sullivan, Lyman E. Hurd, Alfred S. Harris, Hon. Joseph N. Peterson, B. P. H. Gilbert, Joseph F. Appleton, John F. Cabeen, J. C. B. Smith, R. B. Chalmers, M. J. Dole, D. G. Whelton, William E. Adams, Fred A. Fuller, W. S. Perry, H. W. Hardy, G. S. Rogers, E. H. Brunette, T. F. Little, Joseph F. Quinn, J. S. Moulton, William E. Hayward, William Barnard, G,. W. Carr, LaForrest Norton, E. W. Hobbs, V. S. Peterson, Philip Stingle
PRESENTATION: Hon. John F. Hurley, Alonzo F. Titus, Willard B. Porter, Austin Quinby, John M. Wilson, Charles A. Archer, M. J. Doyle, Lewis F. Cass, Rufus D. Adams, Captain J. C. Entwisle, Lyman E. Hurd, Hon. David M. Little, Prof. E. S. Morse, Hon. T. G. Pinnock, Harlan P. Kelsey
PARADE: Lieut.-Col. J. E. Spencer, M. J. Doyle, Thomas L. Mead, Capt. E. J. Whelpley, Capt. Charles A. Dawson, Lieut.-Col. S. A. Johnson, Albert K. Woodbury, Lieut.-Col. J. F. Dalton, Robert C. Schneider, M. J. Reardon, Pierre Michaud, W. Everett Hoyt, E. J. Fabens, William H. Nicholas, 3rd, V. S. Peterson, William H. McSweeney
BANQUET: William S. Felton, George B. Farrington, William O. Chapman, Fred E. Warner, Harry A. Whitehead, George W. Pickering, A. T. Newhall, James F. Whelton, Elias Voyer, J. Clark Brown
ENTERTAINMENT OF THE CREW: M. J. Reardon, Charles J. Collins, Herbert Osborne, L. W. Jenkins, William H. Colbert, Albert Pierce, S. L. Lovett, J. D. Hanscom, John h. Delury, Arthur Sullivan
DECORATION: R. D. Adams, Chairman, H. M. Batchelder, Daniel Low, W. D. Dennis, Dan A. Donahue, Captain Joseph R. Miller, John C. Robson, C. E. Ebsen, William N. Andrews, Al. Dennett, Frank A. Neff
TRANSPORTATION: Captain E. B. Trumbull, George Taylor, Ebsen S. Lord, Captain William M. Swasey, Thomas C. Brown, George W. Pitman, Robert E. Pollock, James J. Tierney, Charles L. Whipple, J. J. Cahill
PUBLICITY: W. B. Porter, E. O. Foster, Fred Tebbets, Harry E. Webber, William A. Horton, H. C. Gauss
A poem called SALEM THE CITY OF PEACE by Henry C. Gauss

Here is some information on John F. Hurley:

From 1838 when the city was incorporated, until 1917, John Hurley was the most elected of all prior mayors at that time. He was elected a total of six-time mayor of Salem. Mayor Hurley was one of Salem’s most colorful political figure ever elected. He was known for his great mutton-chop sideburns. These so named sideburns were made famous by Civil War General Ambrose Burnside and they were known at first as Burnside’s and some how by the end of the century it evolved into the name sideburns.

Hurley had worn his Burnside’s from after the civil war until his death. Another distinct attribute was that he wore a stovepipe top had, even when it became unfashionable he wore one. You could always pick him out of a crowd for that top hat and mutton chops sideburns. Mayor Hurley was a member of G.A.R., the civil war veteran association and was a member of Post 34 of Salem.

Mayor Hurley was mayor at the time of the Great Salem Fire of June 25, 1914. The fire destroyed approximately 1300 building, with 20,000 people losing their homes and 10,000 jobs. This great tragedy weighted so heavily on Mayor Hurley, that he never again sought public office.

When he died in 1935 he had a requiem high mass at Immaculate Conception Church that was filled to capacity and then interred at St. Mary’s Cemetery. His funeral was attended by many politicians of the day,. Present in 1935 was Mayor George J. Bates and ex-mayor Denis J. Sullivan of Salem, G.A.R. Veterans comrades James Carney and Edward I. P. Benson, Legionnaires and throng of citizens.

This is the Honorable John F. Hurley official city photograph; He is wearing a classy top hat and in his lapel button-hole he is wear the membership pin of GAR, the Civil War Fraternal Organization that was at its height of their influence due to the large number of dedicated members I find more information I will add it,









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  1. asongbird says:

    Just as an aside, Salem’s Mayor Hurley had quite a few legal troubles during his time…mostly to do with liquor license corruption charges and other liquor-related shenanigans…and was removed from his position as mayor for reasons related to these troubles in the first recall election ever held in Mass…this was in Dec. 1914, so it would seem that the Mayor had a few other things to think about under his silk hat besides the ashes of Salem’s fire…..


  2. I’m currently going research into Salem’s “Industrial Century:. The “Gentlemen is still talked about in Salem to this day. He is my brother-in-law’s grandfather. I have quite a bit of additional info on him. He was Mayor of Salem when it suffered a major conflagration in June , 1914. He was in a borrowed auto when it collided with another vehicle loaded with dynamite ! ( Which was used to blow up buildings to stop the fire’s progress) There can’t be many Mayors who ever had as bad a day as this ! Voters attempted to recall him after the fire . Info on Salem’s Old Home celebration for the USS Salem CL-3, is extremely rare. Many thanks for posting this ! A link will be posted on the Salem Historic Society’s web site. Nelson Dionne


  3. R.M Whelton says:

    What a terrific thing to have pop up on a Google search! David G. Whelton and James F. Whelton wer my great-grandfather’s brothers. It’s nice to find out that my relatives were so civic-minded.


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