WW I Pillow Hand Embrodiered Pillow, Third Army 6th Division Red Star, Sight Seein Sixth,

This a WW I Pillow Hand Embroidered Pillow, Third Army 6th Division Red Star, Sight Seein Sixth, that Sergeant Edward Leibacher had made in France. The flag was handed down with the pillow. Sadly nothing is written on the flag to tell us what meaning it had to him. We can only assume it was one that he carried to France and back.At the time the pillow was made, many woman were knowledgeable of and practiced the art of hand embroidery and crocheting. This art form was passed down from gereration to generration. What we have left are very few of t

hese records from the past, for a lot of them have ended up discarded. But that is the nature of today’s America.

Some of the important symbolism I will try to describe. In the top left corner is the insignia of the Third Army that has been embroidered on this purple velvet pillow. The pillow has been stuffed probably with duck feathers and the edge has been bordered with a corded gold rope. On the left bottom he has embroidered the outfit he served with in France.The middle embroideries are vivid and tight with an American Eagle clutching a shield of the colors of the flag. Underneath this is the six pointed star that depicts the famous Six Division, a six pointed star and who’s motto was, “Sight Seein Sixth.” Beneath the star is a stripe with gold wire embroidery that was worn by servicemen that served overseas; it is worn and tattered attesting to the years the pillow has been handled and handed down.

On the upper right hand side is his name in block lettering and bottom right corner the insignia of the medical corps

The 6th Division was composed of the following units: 11th and 12th Infantry Brigades, 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th Infantry Regiments, 17th and 18th Machine Gun Battalions, (6th Artillery Brigade), 3d, 11th and 78th Artillery Regiments, 6th Trench Mortar Battery, 16th Div. Machine Gun Battalion, 318th Engineer Regiment and Train, 6th Field Signal Battalion, 6th Train Headquarters and Military Police, 6th Supply Train, 6th Ammunition Train, 6th Sanitary Train, 20th, 37th, 38th, 40th Ambulance Companies and Field Hospitals.

Here is the front of the pillow showing all the embroidery work
Ensignia of the Thrid Army
Eagle clutching sheild of american flag
Block lettering idenifing Sergeant Edward Leimbacher as the owner of pillow
This symbol is usually associated with medical services
Here is the 6th Dvision Insignia, a Star
This is a closeup of the overseas service stripe with the gold wiring embroidery, as you can see, it is very tattered and worn
Another closeup of overseas service strip
This is the American Flag that was with the pillow. It is vintage 48 stars linen WW1 in its construction and the patina that has accumulated on the grommets
Closeup of the owrn purple velvet and the vivid embroidery
This is the back of the pillow, showing the wear it has sustained over the decades
Here is a photo of the front of the pillow
Here is the grommet from the flag and a closeup of the patina
Closeup of the flag and the linen constuction  visible when enlarged

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