1944 Australian 1/2 Pound or Ten Shillings Note Signed by 50+ Comrades Somewhere in New Giunea

This will be a work in progress. Here is a little information Sgt. Andrew Ference that this item belonged to.  He served in Army 80th Adrm. Squadron, in the SWPA, in New Guinea, Phillipine and other islands during 1943, 1944 and 1945.

He was from Mount Carmel, PA. I believe he had a brother named Joe or Joseph and a sister named Anna Mae. He met a girl in Georgia where he was in training in 1943 and they wrote back and forth for three years. Her name was Margaret Cullen from  Milledgeville, GA and when she received her teaching degree she taught in Apalachicola, Florida (Franklin County), then lived in Tallahassee, FL. When he returned from the war  they married. There is much to this story and I want to post many of the unique items he sent her during the courtship. His letters a very descriptive when describing the Filipinos and other natives.

Here is a 1944 Australian 1/2 Pound or Ten Shillings Note Signed by 50+ soldiers and comrades of the 80th Adrm. Squadron Somewhere in New Guinea.

Here is a list of names on this side:  Tony Racos, Clifton Adair, John Castaneda, Lewis Lucas, James Bebine, Albert S. Stout, Melvin Smith, Robert Summerfield, George Glas, Ralph E. Wood, Raymond C. Meabon, Taylor C. Tyra, Otis V. Tyra, Lawrence E. Milton, Lamar L. Woodall, Stanley Tibbitts, T. J. Shamey, H. C. Quisenberry, Charles W. Findeisen, George Manula, these names are written along the side: James Robinson, Bill Patterson, John Raess, Joseph Izzo, Thomas or George H. Anderson

On the front on the Commonwealth of Australia shillings note is the following signed comrades in arms: S/SGT Leno V. Corso, Jim T. Overstreet, Cliff B. Knauss, Cpl Paul G. Steinzig, Pfc R. J. Golubieski, Sgt George Wesch, Kelly, Pfc Louie Johnson B., Pvt Brijido Benagas, Sgt Gene R. Robinson, Pvt John T. Hoke, Pfc Floyd Potts, Clp Jerry Bacon, Clp Travise DeWeese, Clp Grady A. Hurst, Garland G. Solmon, Clp Erik K. Woods, Cpl Al Zaziera, Warren D. Mallatt, Herbert S. Wickman, Sgt Hilbert H. Rocks

The note is in excellent condition and he writes to his girlfriend, that he eventually at the end of the war married the following:

“I’m going to send along a half pound note that I had some of the fellous [sic] autograph it.  I’d like you to keep it dear,   —as another little remembrance.  Do you know we’re going to have some big collection of “what nots” if I keep sending things the way I have.  Tere’s nothing wrong with that though, Is there?

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One Response to 1944 Australian 1/2 Pound or Ten Shillings Note Signed by 50+ Comrades Somewhere in New Giunea

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, my name is Coy Albert stout. My father was Cpl. Albert S Stout USMC south pacific 1942-1945. The signature appears to be in his hand writing (although) I can’t be 100% sure. I live in Alabama. My father died in 1981. Would like to hear from you. By the way I simply stumbled across this article while surfing the net. Thanks Coy Stout


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