Vietnam 4th Division Newspaper, Ivy Leaf Famous Fourth June 2, 1968 Edition, Kontum Ambush Repeled 122 NVA Killed, MP 66th Military Police Co. Army SSG Barney L. Holcomb Award Medal In Special Ceremony

This is going to be a work in progress, with many photos of SSG Barney L. Holcomb tour of duty in Vietnam. He was a MP (Military Police) with the 66th Police Company. One of his duties was to protect convoy’s in the Camp Enari to Kontum run over the sinuous Highway 14 that highly winding road.In this newspaper there is the main article where SSG Holcomb is quoted extensively. He eventually would be awarded a bronze star with the ceremony recorded in Vietnam through photos I will provide. I will add picture later and will re work this blog because I have a wealth of information and photos.

Front Page of the Ivy Leaf, Famous Four Newspaper of June 2, 1968
90 mm blast away at entrenched enemy
Bison Leads Attack On Foe
SP4 Charles Sturgill and MP  Sergeant Barney Holcomb description of  the V100 Commando Armored Carriers, the new menace official name is Armored Personnel Carriers (APC)
Closeup of article
Hanoi Jane Fonda sister Hanoi Hannah. You can have disagreement with your government, but to give comfort to the enemy that is unforgivable..
Steadfast and Loyal soldiers awarded  Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star for Heroism, Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal for Heroism See list above pertaining to these soldiers that if I don’t list each of their name they would never find this page if a family member was looking for information on them. SILVER STAR: Timothy B. Keenan, Amos Morgan, DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS: William J. Livsey, BRONZE STAR FOR HEROISM: Charles F. Gupton, James W. Sivers, Colin L. McArthur or MacArthur, James L. McDaniel, Joseph H. Marcum, Albert D. Carter, Harry E. Potts, Donald E. Carroll, John W. Canty, Didney D. Johnson, William J. Barnett, Darrell L. Lucas, David S. Vannest, George P. Campbell, Brent A. Dolloff, Santiago C. Fuentes, Wayne A. Jones, Alfred B. Williams, Patrick J. Hahn, Joel C. Everitt or Everett, David H. Sanchez, Walter Fields, Arthur J. Williamson, Robert B. Coxe or Cox, Robert H. Morton, Jeffry Jeffrey A. Dick, BRONZE STAR MEDAL: James W. Becker, Melvin R. Brown, David C. Conners or Conner, Bruce H. Hylan, Jerry L. Martin, James T. Pierson, William W. Scott, Julio Soto, Rayford R. Selph, R. B. Stanton, Billy E. Smith, Daniel J. Conti, Robert W. Page, Roger W. Baucum, ARMY COMMENDATION MEDAL FOR HEROISM: Theodore F. Middleton, Brian P. McTinge, Robert P. Stack, Charles F. Landis, Richard G. Pierce, Vincent P. Murphy, Henry Navarro, James L. West, Ronald Germany, Michael A. Sloan, Frederick H. Hinton, William Harris, David S. Hudson, John D. Diggs, Charles E. Covington, Danny W. Guinn, John F. Bray, Ronald P. West, Kasey K. King, William V. hill, Lawrence F. Luscri, William G. Keller, Delgado M. Tarrasa
Complete page 2 of the Ivy Leaf
Battle Briefs involving the following troops.  3rd Battalion 8th 12th Infantry, Troops A and D 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry, 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry, 1st Battalion 12th Infantry, Troop D 1st Squadron 10th Cavalry
From the desk of the Commanding General  MG Charles P.  Stone
Ivy Leaf Famous Fourth Circulation 8,0000 put out by the staff of 1st Lt. Fred M. Dyrsen Jr., SP4 William J. Gruber, SP4 Wayne Nicholas, SP4 Richard McKenzie
Two Hoi Chanhs Catch Leader In Lies, Red NCO’s Walk into Firebase. Camp Enari.  they walked into The Foward Firebase of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry, 4th Division. They are told their comrades were dead but they saw leaflet of 4th PsyOps Group to the contrary according to Captain Maurice Peerenboom.
Viet Cong Probe Backfires on Ivy 1st Brigade Firebase Perimeter as related by SP4Jose Gallegos Co. B Infantrymen,  PSG Robert H. Hines, PFC  Charles Austin
Ivyman clobbers tiger as he’s dragged away
Peace feelers? Whatever they are, these unidentified creatures are undisturbed by even the stern demeanor of Ho Chu Nunh.  Discovered and adopted by the 2nd Battalion (Mechanized), 8th Infantry the young creatures enjoy eating, napping and paw-ing through magazines.
Ivyman Clobbers Tiger as he’s dragged away
Foe is foiled by Claymore, Viet Cong Probe Backfires on Ivy Firebase Perimeter
Centerfold Page Combined Allies Counter NVA Attach On Ivy Convoy Kill 122 Reds US Photos by SP5 Alan  Pierce
Jet dropping its payload on concentration of  NVA RedsTO BE CONTINUED………………………..

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3 Responses to Vietnam 4th Division Newspaper, Ivy Leaf Famous Fourth June 2, 1968 Edition, Kontum Ambush Repeled 122 NVA Killed, MP 66th Military Police Co. Army SSG Barney L. Holcomb Award Medal In Special Ceremony

  1. I would really appreciate both options and will gladly reimburse you.Just let me know how much you need and where to send it.Also if you know of ANY source for copies or online versions of any other back issues from 1968 -1970 i’d greatly appreciate any and all info.Thanx Much.


  2. Hi and best wishes on your project.I’m searching for back issues of Ivy Leaf. Particularly 1968-1970.Would you happen to know if any are available to buy? They could be reprints or copies,I really don’t care about that.I’m interested in doing some research for myself and the men i served with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Lee Holcomb says:

    Sir,My name is Walter Barney Lee Holcomb and the man this article is about is my deceased father.I had no idea what had happened to my dads medals or these clippings.The korean woman you reference was named Yun Bok Soon and I would like to give her a piece of my mind for throwing away my fathers things.If it would not be too much to ask I would like to make arrangements to reclaim my fathers medals and clippings.I understand you have money tied up in these things and would be more than happy to compensate you for your trouble.I would also understand if you would not.These items have intense sentimental value to me and I would forever be in your debt.If you doubt who I am I can give you information to confirm if necasary.My email address is and i would greatly appreciate at least a response ,even if that is as far as you are willing to go.


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