USS Concord, Men From Michigan And Detroit That Fought With Admiral Dewey At Battle of Manila Bay, Spanish American War, On these Ships: USS Baltimore, USS McCulloch, USS Indiana

This news article came out on May 7, 1898 in a newspaper called The Evening…..(don’t know if there was more to the name) newspaper, Detroit Michigan. It shows rendering of men that fought in the Battle of Manila Bay that hailed from Detroit or the State of Michigan.

John Henry Whitely[sic]* on the USS Concord

 John Whitely[sic]*, seaman on the Concord, is a Michigan boy.  He was born 18 years ago in Fruitport, Barry County, where his mother lives.  He enlisted at Milwaukee last August, and was sent to receiving ship at the Brooklyn Navy yard.  From there he was assigned to the Concord.*The letter that he signed and his discharge papers all have his last name spelled Whiteley.

George N. Hayward on the USS Baltimore

George N. Hayward ensign on the Baltimore, now with Dewey’s fleet, is a nephew of Mrs John S. Gray, of this and is well know to the Detroit boys, especially the athletics and D. A. C. club men, with whom he played football.  Mr. Hayward’s father was the late Captain George W. Hayward of the United States Navy.  The ensign is a graduate of Annapolis, and a thorough athlete. He was captain of  Annapolis football team  during last year at college

Gustav A. Gast on the USS Baltimore

St. Joseph , Mich. May 7.- One of the hero’s of the battle of Manila  is Gustav A. Gast, of this town who is a gunner on the U. S. S. Baltimore.  Mr Gast is about 25 years old and enlisted in Uncle Sam’s Navy in August, he was placed on the Baltimore as an ordinary seaman while the cruisers was stationed  at the Hawaiian Islands, but in a short time was promoted to a higher position, and later on, still further promoted to the position of gunner.  Gus’s  friends in this vicinity are legion and they will be pleased to learn that he still  lives to share in the glory of the greatest naval victory of modern times.

Philip Pluff on the USS Baltimore

Philip Pluff landsman on the cruiser Baltimore, was born in Detroit 20 years ago He attended the Berry and Bellvue schools. He was a pitcher in the school nine for years. He worked at his fathers grocery at 31 Kercheval  Avenue after leaving school.  Last year he went to Brooklyn ,  enlisted and was assigned to the Baltimore He wrote from Hong Kong March 18 to his parents.

Claude Long on the USS McCulloch

Claude Long, the handsomest boy on the  revenue cutter McCulloch which brought the good news from Manila, , was born in  Mason, Mich. 19 years ago.  His father died when he was 4 years old and being only child  and his mother without income, the lad became a newsboy at he age of 7.  He was a member of the New Boy Association Band. Two years ago he enlisted as a bugler on the Fessenden and served one year.  He was employed in the mailing room of the Journal  for a time and re-enlisted  last December  for a six month’s trip on the McCulloch.  His mother received a letter from him last Friday dated Colombo, Ceylon, March 26, in which he that he was glad the time was near at hand to  return home.

J. A. Beaubien on the USS McCulloch

Jacob A. Beaubien, an ordinary seaman on the revenue cutter McCulloch,  belongs to the old family of that name in the western part of this city.  He is the son of George Beaubien and was born in Detroit 28 years ago.  After leaving school he worked for his brother, George L. Beaubien, proprietor of the Beaubien Ice Co.,  until four years ago, when he joined the Fessenden.  He was transferred to the McCulloch last January, Beaubien is unmarried.

Fred R. Clydesdale, on the USS Concord
Fred R. Clydesdale seaman resides near Fruitport, Barry County, Mich.  His widowed mother and sister reside there yet.  He enlisted at Milwaukee last summer and was sent to Brooklyn, then ordered to the Concord.

A.M. Forbes on the USS McCulloch
Archibald McDonald Forbes ordinary seaman on the revenue cutter McCulloch, was born in Detroit 19 years ago.  After graduating from the Jefferson school he worked for two years as  an elevator boy in Sparling’s dry goods store on Woodward avenue.  At the age of 15, he enlisted on the Fessenden under Capt. Hodgsdon . John Forbes, 391 fourth avenue, a letter carrier, is Archibald’s father.

Below are the two Smith Brothers, of Detroit—One With Dewey–One with Sampson.

William Smith On Board the USS Indiana, in Sampson’s Squadron

Robert Smith One of the Crew of the USS Concord,  Off   Manila

Xavier F. Smith, a lake engineer, residing at 600 Catherine street, has given two sons to the United States navy–William, aged 26, and Robert aged 22.  They were born in Detroit, were anxious to go to sea from the day  they left school.  The father suggested they learn trades first.  William became a molder and Robert a metal polisher.  Two years ago William enlisted and was assigned to the battleship Indiana in Admiral Sampson’s north Atlantic squadron.  Robert enlisted last fall and was assigned to the Concord, now with Dewey’s Asiatic squadron near the Philippines,  Mr. Smith received a letter from Key West last Monday in which William states that he is anxious to get tangled up with the Spaniards.  The same day a letter came from Robert dated Hong Kong April 1.  The father is proud of the boys and says they will stand by their guns

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  1. jcabadas says:

    This news article came out on May 7, 1898 in a newspaper called The Evening… This could be the Detroit News which I think was called the Detroit Evening News at one time. Sincerely, Joe Cabadas, author of ’40 Ford plus River Rouge: Ford’s Industrial Colossus


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