Photograph Sport Store – 1950’s Beacon Sport Center, Mom & Pop Sporting Goods in Pompano Beach, Florida; Store Carried Red Radio ,Rex Jet, Radio Tot Wagon, Bicycles, Archery Sets, Toys

                                           The sporting goods store of yesteryear.I found these three photos at the local salvation army store 15 years ago when they would put everything on the shelves in the most cluttered arrangement, a paradise for me and others in those days (smile)The photos show the front of the store, one shows the owners leaning on the counter and the other photo shows the other half of the store. It seemed it was in a small shopping center. They had two store fronts there was main side and the warehouse type side, for bikes other large items

In the photo below is the front of the Beacon Sport Center in Pompano Beach Florida. In reflection on glass plate windows is a ghost image of the neighborhood it was located in. You can actually see a 1955 automobile. Across the street are the neighborhood houses, 1950’s size. You can see the bottom of a large metal sign: Shopping Center 2401 reflected in the glass. The address number of the two Beacon stores were 2414 and 2416.

Here some of the reflection in the glass. There is also a sign for an upcoming boxing match. Unfortunately it is to distorted to read, else I could date the photo within three month time period.

In this photo we see Mr.and Mrs Beacon at the counter. It is amazing that for a little store they had such a well rounded amount of goods. On the counter at the far end are books on different breeds of dogs and birds. Underneath where they are leaning is a display of bird cage items, from medicine to bird seeds. They seemed to be a distributor for 3 Vees Bird Food, for the case is full of their products, also behind them are signs advertising 3 Vees products.

In this closeup you can see bird feeders and all kinds of fishing lures

In this photo below is an information ad with the State of Florida map photo over the print:  Sarasota; apparently for some fishing tournament, because this case is filled with fishing lines and reels.

This photo below is of the other half of the store.  Archery was a big activity in those days as you can tell by the display at the end of the room. I remember those hay targets, they would set them up at a public park in Miami for archery classes. The little red wagon is a radio super.

The photo below shows bicycles. In those days you only got a bike for Xmas or your birthday. That is what made them so treasured. Today they give a bike to shut up a crying kid, no memories there.

In this picture below is the case display with the TROPHY brand of table tennis set. Another biggie from the fifties is lawn crocket visible along the wall. The boxes closer to you is the SWIM KING brand of the swim set consisting of fins, mask and snorkel. Inside of the case are Wilson tennis balls, they seem to have been around forever

On the back wall of this photo below you can see the scuba diving spears, fins, snorkel and mask display. In the corner are arrows for archery sets.  Here is a good shot of the large hat target, man were those target heavy.

In this photo below is the case on the right side of the display case. At the top of the pole in the middle is a Master Lock display for bike locks.

This is a good photo below of the right side of the store. It is filled with Wilson footballs

I like this photo below. Especially the dog or cat bed.  There is a little tractor pedal car. I think you can enlarge the following photos.  I just really enjoyed how they had so an orderly store with a little of everything and a lot of nothing. Just the right amount with the store in such an orderly fashion.

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  1. That was a great thing you did there. And it was such a successful event. Congrats.


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