Dog Collar Slave Necklace – c. 1850 Dog Collar Made By Hiatt Usually Mistaken For Child Slavery Name Tag with Chain and Lock

c. 1850 Dog Collar Made By Hiatt Usually Mistaken For Slavery Child’s Collar.  There has always been question about if this was made for slave children so they could be identified.  Supposedly they would let the different plantation children go to parties that were hosted on different plantation on Sundays. They would gather at a different plantation and at the end of the day sorted out.  I never believed that story, it just did not make any sense.  I have seen other collars that were similar to this one, but without the marking described as slave collars.I don;’t think the key that was with this is original to it.  The key looks like others I’ve seen that were made for handcuffs. They were together when I found this at a flea market.  The fellow that I bought it from twelve years ago did not know anything about it.  He said he found it in a box of scrap steel in Panama City, Florida and that is all he knew.I came to the conclusion that it was a dog collar. For what else could it be. From the stamping and style of the letters are very similar to items of the 1850-1870 era.

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