Photograph NEA Convention – 1969 NEA Philadelphia National Convention; Ohio & Illinois Delegate; Judith Ford 1969 Miss America; Martha Del Saunders, Helen Bain, Ruth Trigg President Elect Candidate; Chase W. Crawford The Button Man

These photos are of the 1969 Philadelphia NEA (National Educational Association) that was held in the city of  “Brotherly Love” Civic Center Auditorium. They are 35mm slides I found these at a local flea market. I have decided to record these for future reference that someday someone is looking for information of a long past ancestor or loved one. I took pictures of the slides, so they are not real sharp, but enough to see clearly…………
This first photo is the outside of the Philadelphia Civic Center with the sign showing the date of the convention: June 29 to July 5.

This next photo shows a wider shot of the same building

This next photo shows the convention floor. On the stage there is a large sign that goes across that says: A TIME FOR EDUCATIONAL STATESMANSHIP

In this next photo you can see the North and South Dakota Delegate Sign:
This next photo shows an evening on the convention floor:
 This next photo shows a display for a modern school, little they knew that it would make no difference in the learning capacity of the student body.  The more comfortable they made it the worst it became and we can see the decline in educational scores as the policies of the Great Society started to be applied.  The caption above the display says: THE ENVIRONMENT OF LEARNING; An all electric concept of a modern community educational complex.
This next photo shows the Ohio booth at the convention with an unidentified fellow
This next photo shows The Button Man,  a delegate from Ohio named Chase W. Crawford. You can actually read all buttons on the 35mm slide that I got all these photos from.
This next photo is the booth of President Elect Ruth Bain with unidentified delegate. The display behind them says: “B” for Bain, She is a Honey.
This next photo shows another President Elect candidate named Martha Del Saunders a delegate I think from Kentucky. The fellow with his arms wrapped around her I believe is her husband.  She is standing in front of an amazing wall mural.  I am assuming it is somewhere in the Civic Center.
This next photo was a real treat. I did not know it was part of the 35mm slides I had found at the flea market. It  shows Judi (Judith) Ford, Miss America 1969 in the Illinois section of the convention. She is sitting next to  Illinois Delegate Ruth Trigg, a candidate for President Elect that watches her signing her autograph. Behind Judi is a picture of her on the runway when she won the Miss America contest as a delegate from Illinois. She is a real beauty. These photo do her no justice as she sits in her smart pink dress with those beautiful legs.  Her portion of the talent contest and the only Miss America to win in this category in the pageant was her doing trampoline exercise. She went on to get her decree in physical education  and taught many years and retiring from that position.
Here we see her beautiful smile as Ruth Trigg is distracted as the photo is taken.
It was difficult to show this next photo because the slide was so dark. She was either in a parade or being driven to the convention with her name on the side of the convertible automobile.

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