Photograph Ohio Fair – 1967 Ohio State Fair; Budweiser Clydesdales; Grand Stand where Herman Hermit Performed; Ferris Wheels

Here are some photos of the 1967 Ohio State Fair that I found at a local flea market.  I bought these from a guy that had a booth that was so cluttered that it was actually piled five feet high.  I always enjoyed digging in his disorganized tables, which had everything and anything.  These items came from his regular job as a maintenance man at a apartment complex that he would find when he cleaned up the apartments. He would just pile stuff up along a 30′ x 5′ leght of tables. You never knew what you would find if you were brave enough to dig. Needless to say this stuff stayed there through rain, cold, heat and all type of weather through out the year. Fortunately for this slides they were covered under a heap that protect them. These were with the 1969 NEA National Convention I have on another of my listings.  Hope this brings some memory to someone from that era.This photo below show the double Ferris wheel. This seems to be at an entrance to to the fair for there is a Mustang and a Dodge visible on the slide. Unfortunately the detail is hard to capture, for in the slide you can make out the Freak Show canvas banners, ticket booths and candy cane stand.

In this next photo are two regular old fashion Ferris wheels with the swing seat. The ticket booth in front of it has a sign: Tickets 30 Cents. There is a good view of the Candy Apple, Sno Cone, Candy Cane stand.   To the left of the stand is the Rock n Roll ride with the cars that ride a wave and they would play the music oh so loud to get you in the mood. Wasn’t those fun innocent times.

In this next photo we see a closeup of the Grandstand where the reserved seats are located.
In this next photo of the Grandstand we see not only the reserved seat area, but also the stage where performers like Herman Hermits played. This is really sharp in the 35mm slide that I photographed from, for you can read the smallest writing on the Hertz rental truck that brought the sound equipment.
These next photos are of what else, but the mascot of Budweiser beer, The Clydesdale horse and wagon, a fair favorite, even today this setup still shows up at special events.

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