Model Japanese Soldier – 1930’s Japanese Uniformed 12″ 1930’s Japanese China Occupation Uniformed 12” Model Toy Soldier Hand Carved Head, Hands, Helmet and Boots; Winged Trousers

I purchased this at an auction house that I had business relation with the owner and he would sell me strange and unusual items before they were auctioned off. I was one of his first customers so he always sold me items that he was not familiar with. As he grew to be a major house in the area those special deals stopped.He said a stepson of a veteran that was in the navy and that was stationed in China in the 1930’s and also served in other places till the end of  WW2 brought this in.  It’s face is carved step like and painted to look oriental, which they did a good job of doing. The hair is either human or from a horse, but I can’t really tell.

The uniform is well made and was probably done on a sewing machine. It has leather belts and buttons. The trousers have that wing look as you pull it out to the side. I am surmising that this was made during Japanese occupation of China, for the guy served in Peking in the 1930’s. It Even has a small samurai sword.

The hands are shaped like claws, which I am sure had some kind of rifle with it and made it easy to attach the rifle.  It has some large wooden shoes  and it actually will stand on its own.  Underneath the uniform it a body made of a block of wood.

I will do a summary of the photos and describe them better, but for the time being I will list them for now with no caption.

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