Antique 1890 to 1942 Bicycle Racing Medals, Exquisite Designs from Golden Days of Medal Designing, Represented Are Medals and Pins from New York and Chicago Century Road Club Association, the League of America Wheelman, Amateur Bicycle League of America, the Midnight 100 Run and Columbia Bicycle

I am listing a number of bicycle racing medals, pins, lapel buttons and scarf or hat pins.  I have found these over the twenty five years of  collecting, before the Internet and antique road show. Oh how wonderful those days were. To walk into a antique shop and browse for hours as I did. I would always find the smallest items tucked under items in displays case. In those days my eyes were oh so much sharper. My motto was I always bought at antique shops, for they did all the leg work for you and I did not mind paying a premium for an item. It was wonderful to have thousand of items in one place to find that special item to leave the shop with.The following item below is a member pin c. 1890’s Hudson County Wheelman on a Scottish garter surrounding a bicycle spoke and wheel.  All Wheelman were member of League of American Wheelman.It is on a red enamel on sterling. They have decorate the edge and the letters with a pin prick design so that the light could reflect off of it.  The back has a tube hinge with an extended pin stem secured with a C clasp. Many people think it is a replaced pin stem, but in fact it was an ingenious design so that the stem could be woven back into the clothing and would not droop from the weight of the pin or brooch, your typical Victorian sensibility. It measure one inch or 2.7 cm wide. I never give my articles a face lift, for the beauty of the pin is how it has aged through the decades. I love that gun metal patina that only with age is possible.

The following item below is a member pin c. 1890’s for unknown Wheelman Club. Behind the outstretched wings is the wheel trademark of the League of American Wheelman. It  has on a crescent shape label the letters P A I W C on an enamel blue surface.  It is a sterling silver pin and is marked on the back side with a bird and the word Sterling.

The back has a tube hinge with an extended pin stem secured with a C clasp similar to the first pin. This is a small pin that could have easily been thrown out or lost. It measures 11/16″  or 1.8 cm wide.

These  next image below is of a different organization called the Century Road Club Association of which this is the Chicago Branch. It is a gold and silver medal from 1890 with  loops to add a ladder label similar to the one this has attached for either winning a race or participating , this one shows it was for a 100 mile run on August 30, 1891. The center of the medal is a black enameled spokes wheel with the C 100 sprocket for the run event. It is silver surrounded by the gold medal part.

As is always evident in these old pin or medals, the pin stem protrudes out from the C clasp as I explained above. It measures 1 1/8″ or 2.8 cm across by 1 1.2″ or 3.7 cm long.

This next image is of a badge for the gathering of the League of American Wheelman 18th Annual Meet that was held in Philadelphia on August 4, 5, 6 and 7. It was made by Hamilton and Diesinger known maker of sterling silver flatware.
It is made silver  with a dangling bicycle wheel that has the keystone for Pennsylvania displaying the Liberty Bell in middle of tire.  The ribbon which is frayed has been reinforced with tape to keep it together.  Ribbon hangs from a silver label bar dated 1897 with the logo for the League of American Wheelman.  It has a rich dark sterling patina attesting to its lack of ever being cleaned.  It attaches with a safety pin style pin on the back.  There is also a small bar where the purple ribbon is attached and securely held.
This following medal is for the 1942 1st place winner named Elsi Strackie.  This is a work in progress and I will be updating this later in the week.
This next image is of a sterling badge commemorating the 1901 Century Road Club Association, New York Division Moonlight 100 Century Run.  It is a gorgeous badge with much detail; from the crescent man on the moon to the shooting star label bar.  There are so many small details from the white enameled C that announces the event to the blue enameled ring with the association name that surrounds the bicycle spoke wheel and the run distance.  It is marked on the back Diegest and Clust; also Sterling. The extended pin stem is secured with a C clamp closure. The Sterling silver has aged wonderfully, as evident by the gun metal look that tells me it has never had a face lift. The measurement on this is 2″ or 5 cm x 1 1/2″ or 3.9 cm.
This next image is of a club pin c.1880-1895 for Chicago Wheelman Club, Century Division. It is a sterling with the clubs initial on a blue enameled ring that surrounds a early logo for the Chicago Wheelman Club.  At the bottom edge are eyelets to attach a chain to hold a ladder label that is inscribed with race the wearer attended. The back has the early tube hinge that holds an extended pin stem that is secured with a C catch. The measurement on this are 1″ or 2.5 cm.
The pin below is a mystery to me, for it commemorates the Overseas Club 1914 to 1919 during World War One. It has the double wing found on Wheelman It measures 1″ or 2.5 cm. As I find further information on this club, I will post it.
The lapel button below, c. 1890, maybe earlier is for League of American Wheelman, Massachusetts Division.  It has a deep chocolate patina and measures 3/4″ or 1.9 cm
The next item below is a scarf pin in the shape of the metal company tag found on the frame of the bike. It is c. 1890 Columbia Bicycle and carries the company motto: You See Them Everywhere. It could be made of steel or German silver or chrome, for it is not marked. It measures 2 3/8 or 6 cm long
I will be adding more at a later date.

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4 Responses to Antique 1890 to 1942 Bicycle Racing Medals, Exquisite Designs from Golden Days of Medal Designing, Represented Are Medals and Pins from New York and Chicago Century Road Club Association, the League of America Wheelman, Amateur Bicycle League of America, the Midnight 100 Run and Columbia Bicycle

  1. Charles Owens says:

    Found 2 very rare bike medals from Philadelphia and the other from Glenside Pa.
    One from Philadelphia was 1893 to Atlantic city and return and is sterling. The other pin is a 100 mile pin.

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  2. Janet Smith says:

    Hello, I was researching a League of American Wheelmen 1800’s antique medal when I found your entry. I believe your mystery pin to be a ” Winged Wheelie” from MAAA club in Canada? Started as a cycling club then became all around amateur athletic club. Logo was later used for hockey club then became Detroit Redwings logo…
    Jan Smith


  3. Pat Merritt says:

    Pat Merritt – My husband’s grandfather apparently was in the road club. We found a red sash, that says- “Pacemaker Olympic Divisiion, 17th annual Spring Century 4/16/1914. I am searching for some supporting information. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


  4. Lois Ballard says:

    Thank you for all the information on these pins. It doesn’t seem that there is much information available online, so your blog was a great find. In fact, when I searched google images for Century Road Club of America 1901 pin, most of the images are from your post. I have been working on going through some family items, and happened across a 1901 10th Annual Century Road Club Chicago Elgin Aurora pin that looks quite similar to your Moonlight 100 Century Run pin. Have you come across a pin like this? I would like to send you some pictures of it if you think it would be helpful.


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