Maasai African Milk Container Made Out Of Gourd With Colorful Bead Work

African Milk Container Made Out Of Gourd With Colorful  Bead Work. It is made from what I believe is called a snake gourd, but could have another name.  It has a sour smell when you open it up.It has a leather shoulder strap made of some type of animal leather and still retains its original end cap.  The end cap side is of leather and the top of a disc of dried gourd. This they have enhanced with three circles of beads, orange, dark blue and yellow and in the center a red disc bead.  Down the side of the gourd is a strap, with a split at the top so that the cap is able to stay attached and get not lost. .

Half way down the body of the gourd the strap has been attached with sinew  thread.  There is a beaded design of a cross, with circles of colorful beads in the center that seems to be missing a beaded disc.

The total lenght of this milk container  is 24 inches and goes from 2″  at the top to  3.25″  at the bottom

There is an amazing repair done with sinew thread to repair a crack in the body of the gourd, that I believe was to waterproof it.

Here are some other views of this gourd

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4 Responses to Maasai African Milk Container Made Out Of Gourd With Colorful Bead Work

  1. Bob Florence says:

    And a nice one at that. I have one as well. They urinate in them to sterilize them.


  2. Bob Florence says:

    Sorry, this isn’t a southern plains gourd, it is a Maasai African milk container.
    Google it. Actually, by know you probably already know.


  3. Hi guys, This is not a quiver, it is not even Native American – It is a common African milk container from the Masai people in Kenya. They use it to keep the milk from their cattle. If you sniff the opening you will get the aroma of sour milk.


  4. frank says:

    hi i just came across same gourd canteen southern plains any idea on the value any info thanks frank


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