Photograph Pre Fire – 1869 Rare Chicago Historical Society Photography They Do Not Have; Pre 1870

This photo below is a partial view. You can actually in the original photo see Colonel Woods Museum distinctly.  You can actually read the sign without using a loupe. In this photo I believe he is the owner of the Hot Coffee, Bread & Pies shop that is in the other photo. Whatever the occasion was must have been special for them to photograph.

This is a partial of coffee shop, it actually shows the same man in the buggy dressed with top hat in the same buggy.  He is next to a wood shop that has a sign that says Halstead, Tailor. Both buildings are next to brick buildings but they are made of clap wood

I have cropped the photos to leave my option open to send to auction someday.  As you know once on the Internet you loose all control.

I have used the cabinet card as my heading on my blog.  It says everything about me, for I have saved many historical objects from being lost forever.  From a color film of Howard Hughes on the maiden voyage of the Constellation that they turned over to the government in Washington, to the first street lights in New York City that was lighted using a Brush Dynamo; From recorded period tape of the first satellite in space to lost film of developer of using frogs for pregnancy test (woman was also first physician arrested for abortion) to a ledger signed by the postwar the famous of the time (Generals, Hoover, Eleanor Roosevelt, King and Queens and Senators and actors that I will be posting sometime in future)  From a diary of a Lt. in Vietnam to diary to a Jewish WW1 radio man.

The photo that I use as heading for my blog is one of two cabinet size photo cards I found in an antique shop in Havana, Florida. It depicts a man in top hat sitting in a buggy being handed and envelope by a heavy set gentleman also in a top hat. In this photo at the top right corner you can barely see the Colonel Woods Museum building, but in the uncropped photo it is very distinctive. There is an oil painting on the Internet that actually shows this same corner In the oil painting there are flags and canvas banner signs, but in my photo there are no flags or banner which leads me to believe that the oil painting was done much later, closer to the Chicago fire. I wonder if someone set their shop on fire for insurance money, always that possibility in Chicago (Smile.)

The other photo shows the same fellow in the same buggy with a group of people in front of a shop on a corner and it has a sign on the front:  Bakery Coffee Cakes.

There was a famous restaurant that started out in Chicago as a  Hot Coffee Bread & Pies shop that the politician hung out in like Mayor Daley (the first). The place either burned down or went out of business in 1980 I believe.  Maybe someone knows what I am talking about.  I am thinking Henri, but I could be mistaken.

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