Poster of Movie – Princess Mona Darkfeather aka Josephine Workman, 1914 War Bonnet Silent Movie Poster

This is the original movie poster for the 1914 movie “The War Bonnet,” starring Princess Mona Darkfeather, the movie name used by Josephine M. Workman.

The colors have remained very vibrant and have not faded. This is due to the fact that it was folded away under a drawer for probably 80 years.  company that produced this amazing poster was a famous lithography company by the name of Richtney Lithograph Company located in New York City.

This film was produced by the C.B. Price Company whose offices were also in New York City. It was distributed by a subsidiary of the company Price Film Distribution Company.

I read some years ago that there was a copy of the movie “The War Bonnet.” I unfortunately did not make a copy of the article. If you Google her name you will find many articles pertaining to this actor. It measures approximately 41 x 27 inches and is in need of restoration, evidence by the bleeding of tape that was used to reinforce the fold lines. Even with this distraction the main feature of this poster has been preserved and is amazing.

I have searched for many years for another poster depicting her in a movie, but have never found one. I always hoped to see another poster that she might have starred in.  In all probability this is the only known poster (at this time) with her image and I am so glad I was able to save it from being thrown away.

Hopefully some day far in the future our landfills will become archaeological digs and much of our history that has been discarded will once again be discovered. My regret is that I will not be around in two or three hundred years when they start evacuating these sites in the ultimate dumpster diving experience (smile).

Princess Mona Darkfeather Princess Mona Darkfeather (2) Princess Mona Darkfeather (3) Princess Mona Darkfeather (4) Princess Mona Darkfeather (5)

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