Watch Fob – Patriotic FOB for XVIII Corps ( 18 Corps ) Crossed American Flag with Anchor and 18 Corps Insignia on Blue field with Aqua Glass Relic

Rare one of a kind watch fob with crossed American flags over a anchor. Between the anchor hooks is a corps division insignia for the XVIII Corps (18 Corps). The color of the field that the insignia is surrounded by (blue color) pertains to the regiment. If the color was Red-1st Regiment, White 2nd Regiment, Blue 3rd Regiment. What makes this fob interesting is that the crossed flag poles and the anchor is repeated on the other side and in between the space there is a piece of aqua glass.

The chain mail ribbon is tightly woven with a copy of the insignia reproduced on the side that the fob would be visible. Sadly we will never know the individual that was skilled as a machine mechanic, whose skill produced this fabulous patriotic fob .

We can only guess at the period that this treasure was made from post civil war to Spanish American war.From what I can see through a loupe there are three different materials used in its construction. The insignia’s are silver plated brass with much of the silver plating worn off. The chain mail and the links are German silver (700/800 purity). The clamp at the very top is silver plated bronze also.

It is 99% complete with original construction material with the only part missing a small piece of extension on the anchor for the one applied to the chain mail. I could have easily had my jeweler add this missing piece, but since the missing part did not compromise the integrity of the piece, I have decided to leave it alone.

This small treasure measures from tip to tip 6″ (15cm) and 3/4″ (2.3cm) wide. The chain mail ribbon measures 2 3/4″ (7.5cm) long by itself.

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