Photographs Civil War Era to Present – Illinois Branch of the Wayman, Gage, Wing, Floyd 1860-1940’s Salt , Albumen Photography Prints In many Styles Beautifully Depicted and Posed

This large square salt print that was cut to fit oval  matting. It depicts a young lady in a military motif dress which was popular during the civil war.  Her hands rest on a marble topped plant stand with decorative chains with beautiful turned wood decoration.  The matting has a highlight of gold strip on inner edge of matting, with a thinner strip to highlight it.  The dress is a thin  striped material and this is highlighted with a wide belt.  The face has been enhanced with a red paint on the lips and small dots on the eyes. She wears those tunnel curls that was popular in that period.

Here is a better closeup of the above photo.

This large cabinet card has a caption in the back that reads: Girl in the middle Ella Gage Wayman at 13 yrs. old

I will be adding more photo on this interesting collection of photos that span many generation.

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