Flint and Fire Steel – c.1754 – 1763 French Indian War Era Reindeer Leather Pouch with Original Flints w/Serrated Fire Steel Incised with German word for Friendship

This is an amazing reindeer leather flint pouch with an attached fire steel that is etched with the word “FREUNDSCHAFT“, that tranlates in German to mean friendship. This dates from the French-American War during the years 1749-1760. This pouch is sewn along the edge with reindeer sinew strips that over time has oxided with a greenish deposit.

The pouch has embossed stylized mountain design on the flap and the front and back sides.
The pouch has two pockets inside of which one has three original flints from the period.
This little treasure measures 2 3/4″ x 2 1/2″. I obtained this little treasure on a Sunday at our local flea market in Tallahassee, Florida. There was a vendor that sold antiques in one of the permanent stall by the name of Barry, his last name escapes me. He had a mother that would go to all the thrift shops and had the eye of a collector. Her name was Betty and she was always elegantly dressed and always had a smile to greet you. I would run into her at many of the places I visited locally. She would find the items and Barry would sell them. They were very close and many in the antiquing community knew about her and her son. I always made it one of my Sunday stops. I could always count on him having some strange and unusual item and I was never disappointed. His prices were very reasonable and I did not mind paying his prices for the way I looked at it he would gather all the treasures in one place for collectors to look over.

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