Press Pass NFL – 1949 Inaugural Year of National Football League Press Pass Signed By Bert Bell; Eastern Division Obsolete Team New York Bulldogs; Issued To Harold Parr Sports Writer Representing Associated Press

This press card was issued to Harold Parr in 1949 when he was representing Associated Press on the radio. For many years he represented Transradio as a reporter. This was the first year when the NFL was inaugurated and bares the signature of Bert Bell the First NFL Commissioner. Harold Parr also wrote articles on boxing matches, some of which was Apostoli and Billy Conn, Schmeling-Galento fight (winner would meet Joe Louis in title bout), Joe Louis and John Henry Lewis bout, which he wrote, “Ring men can’t understand coldness toward negro battle”

On the back of card are the ten teams that inaugurated the NFL that year, including the New York Bulldogs. They were one of three teams of the All American Football Conference team that merged with the NFL in its inaugural year of 1949. The Bulldogs purchase Yankees and combined their names they were called the New York Bulldogs for one year, 1949 and them changed the name to the New York Yanks in 1950 and if 1951 changed to the New York Yankees and has been ever since. 

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