Propaganda Xmas Card – 1944 SWPA Japanese Tokyo Rose Ephemeral WWII Propaganda Christmas Card Sent From New Guinea By Sgt. Andrew ((Andy) 80th Adrm. Sqdrn. aka Harpo

Sargent Andrew (Andy) “Harpo” Ference was from Mount Carmel a borough in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  While at Fort Bragg, Georgia where he was in basic training he met a local girl named Margaret Cullen, a girl going to the local college studying to be a teacher.  For the next three years while he was stationed in the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) he wrote to this young lady.  Every time he would write it would send her items that he wanted he to save for him. From island currency to Australian coins, currency and a military newspaper called The New Guinea Gold.  When he returned at the close of the war he ended up marring her.

I will be listing items in the future  he sent her. He made a plexiglass Easter card for her.  On some of the  letters he would tape an Australian coin with cellophane tape.  Anywhere the tape covered the coin and if the back didn’t get air it was as shiny as the day he taped it there.

Japanese propaganda leaflet from the New Guinea SWPA Sgt. Andrew Ference sent to his sweetheart. When I first saw I thought it was just a Christmas card until I read what it said  Above is the letter in came in.  Below as it looks, very innocent and sweet sentiment.

They quote from the New Testament to bring into content

But this what they are getting at:  Your foes are they of your own country…American Big Business which is driving you to the gigantic slaughter house the world has ever known

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