Drawings Jewish Tombsone – 1926 – 1930 New York City Jewish Funeral Home of Stonecutter Ledger Account Book With Hundreds of Sketches of Tombstone, Mausoleum, Headstones with Measurements, Cemetery Location, Cost and Prices

Soon, developing format to present. This will be an amazing post of a log book of accounts for the wealthy & poor Jewish community in New York City. Many of cemetery mentioned are now in areas where you need a police escort to visit. Even during the stock market crash of 1929 some clients were paying 25,000 and more for mausoleum. I will try to list some of organization that would buy several plots for the poor Jews. Very interesting book, especially the drawings of the tombstones, which are very detailed. There are hundreds of detailed rendering of tombstones.  This is a large book that measures 16 x 9 inches x 3 inch thick. It is a very soft leather and contains 500 pages, each with detailed rendering of decorative tombstones or headstones.  Gives an account of large mausoleums and the amount of payment that was due at certain time of the construction.  I will eventually list all the people that were on account in this book

Here is an example of one page of hundreds of families listed in the ledger.

Here is another page of names. The person that posted and wrote in this ledger had very beautiful handwriting’s, very easy to understand.

Here you see one of the detailed drawing of a tombstone

The person that made these drawings was very detailed in their renderings.

Here is another example of a grave site

Great drawings and dimensions

I like the way the person that drew this makes it look like marble along the edge

Here we have detail on a $10,000 mausoleum