Photograph – 1903 Photo Roster of Chatham Artillery Cadets or Georgia Academy in Savannah; Most Identified with Rank & Names, Tidbit On Building of Barracks on Parris Island That Would Be Lost Forever If Not For Someone Jotting It Down

Below is the entire photo roster of Cadets at Chatham Artillery. Looks like it is the freshman class, for there are many privates in the group.  Under each photo there is a name, unfortunately some are blurred and could not be made out.  Some of the students have medals and I will try to do closeup of them. I made a chart that shows the names that I could make out and the position on the cabinet card. This cabinet card measures 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches. It looks as if it had a matting glued to it, fortunately none of the images or names were damaged. The very last photo shows a note that was with image. It relays an encounter in 1979 when the author of the note was viewing the Washington guns.  James Small a Negro male, age 78 told a story of………….(read story at very end)

The photo below is the location chart
Here is a closeup of top left section of the cabinet card

This image below is of the top right section:

This image below is the bottom left:

Below is a closeup of the bottom right section of cabinet card:

Below a  wider view of the bottom right section:

Below are some of cadets  wearing medals/badges and I tried to do closeups.  This first image shows the first cadet on the bottom row left side.  He has a number of medals and I am sure someone could tell what they are. This is one of the cadets that is unidentified

This is an image of Pvt. Joe Gallagher, he is the first one on second row of cadets. Maybe someone can tell by looking at it tell what the medal was given for.

This is cadet Sgt. A. L. Chapeau wearing a nice medal

Here are closeup of Pvt. Joe Gallagher and Cpl H. L. Kayton, both at the beginning of the second row.

Below is a closeup of the Commandant named Captain G.F. Willis or O.F. Willis
There was an interesting note on the Washington Guns.  I believe it is what is written on a brass plaque that stands next to the cannons.
Here is an incident that occurred on September 26, 1979 as the author of the note relays it. What I found interesting is that it was a conversation that he jotted down, not some historical record or book and probably would be lost in time if not for him taking the time to jot it down, thank you Jimmy LE Hayes, wherever your are:
If anyone can lead me to a blog or section that will identify the class of 1903, I would really appreciate it.

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