Photograph Philippine Tribe – 1870 – 1880 Philippine Island Warriors; Rare Magic Lantern Slide; Elaborate Bird Headdress; Shields & Daggers Boomerang Shape; Distinct Hunting Tools Bows & Arrows and Spears; Long Braided Hair Attached To Neck Rings; Anthropological Tribe Name Is New Eciasa or Eciaja Tribe; Luzon Igorot Lepanto Bontoc

1880  Philippine Island Warriors On A Rare Magic Lantern Slide; Elaborate Bird Headdress On Leader of Hunting Party;  Shields & Daggers With A Distinct Boomerang Shape; Equipment Includes Bows & Arrows and Spears; Large Neck Ring with Long Braided Hair Attached that seem to Circle Waist; Description on Glass Photograph of Early Anthropological Tribe Is New Eciasa or Eciaja Tribe; Names Associated With Luzon, Philippines Island Tribesman: Igorot from Lepanto BontocRare grouping of extinct Philippine Island tribe from the Luzon area. There is a possibility that they are related to the Igorot from the Lepanto Bontoc, Luzon region. They are wearing their finest hunting apparel. The head tribesman is wearing an elaborate Bird Shaped Headdress which distinguish him as the leader of the hunting party. The dagger and shields they carry are beautifully shaped, they are equipped with bows and arrows, spears and wear large rings around their necks.

Some of the tribesman have strange claw like toes. The photo below is a closeup of this deformity. One has two large toes and another has four toes. The tribesman on the right has you can see on his left foot the two large toes.

The photo below shows the wood shield which is shaped like a boomerang.  From the top of the shield protrudes a handle similar to handle on dagger they carry, as a matter of fact the dagger sheath is shaped like the shield.  The shield also has on the back a handle.

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